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Tremendous progress

The summer training is really coming together and I have made some serious progress the last couple of weeks.

Last week I had a new Lactate / Vo2 max test and the same biathlon test race I had in Holmenkollen in the beginning of may. Both tests showed some really staggering improvements. In fact I had almost two minutes better race time on the 15km biathlon test race, which is even better than I could hope for!

Picture from the Vo2 Max test


Picture from the Holmenkollen test-race with my new onepiece race suit from One way!



I also had a roller ski interval up the Norefjell mountain which was a 6×10 minutes long, with my cross-country skier buddy  Per Kristian Nygård. We did the same interval last September and this time we had a much better time

We used a Gopro Hero 3 camera on the bonnet of the follow-car to record our technique.



Showing some strength on the top with a beautiful scenery.


The progress makes me even happier when I look back and know that at the same time last year I was jumping around on crutches for six weeks. That was after I went through a surgery were they removed a loose bone piece that they found in my knee.

Picture from the MRI that showed that I had a loose bone piece in my knee


And this is the piece that was floating around in my knee. No wonder I was in pain.


Picture from last summer, when almost all I could train was upper body strength. Now I am really looking forward to compete again, with a full summer of training with the sort of progress I have had now!




Finally I have lost my uphill running competition virginity!


Yesterday was my first attempt to participate on an up hill running competition. I have done my fair chair of up hill running up through the years, but it has always just been interval training and never competition. So now I decided that I should bring an end to that and signed up for the “Dokka Opp” that is a 3km long race that contains 521 hight meters that I was supposed to finish.

Since I haven’t done this sort of race before, I didn’t quite know what to expect of the race, except that it would be extremely tough for both mind and body.

It had been three different winners the last three years, and all the previous winners were there along almost seventy other participants, so one thing was for certain, it was going to be fighting for the podium all the way to the finish.

As I have previous mentioned I have been running far more this year than I have done before, and I start to feel that my running performance is starting to be pretty good. But I didn’t know how fast the best runners would start, so I decided that I would start in my own pace and gradually increase my speed. About half way in the race I was in fifth place and was quit surprised that I had managed to be so close to the leaders, but I had one guy right in my tail and we fought for that fifth place all the way to the top. I won that little “battle” and finished in fifth place overall and third place in my age group!

Here is the hight profile of the race.


And here is a graph that shows my heart rate during the race.


All in all it was a surprisingly fun experience and it certainly won’t be my last up hill running competition.

Picture of me and Per Kristian Nygård that is one of my closest training partners, on top of the hill.

dokka opp


Picture of the result list.

dokka opp resultatliste

The result just shows that I have had a great start on this years training, and I hardly can’t wait to start competing in biathlon again. My first big goal is the Swedish roller-skiing championship that is 22. august!


A fun, art project!

An artist friend of my, that also is a former biathlete, came up with the idea this spring, that she wanted to paint five paintings and that I and four other chosen biathletes would share the income of the paintings with here. Sort of like a sponsor deal.

I thought this was a fun and creative project that I more than willing would be a part of!

All the paintings are now for sale, and you can find out more on the “KONSTight skidskytteproject” Facebook page


Summary of the season start.

The time flies by and May is already behind us. It has been a different start for me. Because usually I always go to Mallorca in the beginning of May and have the season start there. That involves a lot of hours on the bike, but this year I have prioritized a lot more running and roller skiing.


One of the main reasons to go to Mallorca in May has always been the warm weather, when usually it is cold and a lot of rain back home. But this year it has been unusual nice weather here in Norway where I have spent most of my time this month. This has led to a really good start for me and all in all I had 77 hours of training in May. This is a little bit less than I usually have in May, but out of those 77 hours  it is mostly running and I feel that it has had a really good impact on my body. I feel lighter and more agile than before and the last couple of intervals is really starting to feel good.


It is always funny to me when people come to me in the beginning of the summer, assuming I don’t train that much in the summer, and ask if I enjoy the time off training, when in fact this is the time when I train the most.


I have now started a ten-day training period without any rest days that will end in a new lactate and Vo2 max test and the same biathlon test race in Holmenkollen that I did two weeks ago. It will be fun to see if I have had any progress. It certainly feels like I already have taken some steps in getting in race shape so I am aiming high for those tests:)


Here are some random Instagram pictures from the last month

løpebånd veksling-holmenkollstafetten6timers-langtur
Photo 22.03.14 10 16 15 Photo 21.05.14 13 44 37 Photo 22.05.14 14 11 52

seabird wavestart-number-holmenkollstafetten

A victory for the history books.


Picture taken from Bygdeposten, with me to the left.

Last weekend I wrote myself into the history books of my home town. This happened because I was participating at the “Sponestafetten” which is a running relay that is arranged on the home turf of the club “Vestre spone” that I am running for.

This competition that has ben arranged for over eighty years, but Vestre spone had not won its own competition since 1938! So when we brought the victory home, it really was a fun moment!

I had leg number 5. of 6. It was a bit over 1km long on some twisty gravel and asphalt roads.

My time was 3.10 which was 10 seconds behind the course record, so I have to be satisfied with that.

This was the first victory of this season, but I hope it will be many more on its way ;)