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First victory of the season.


Last saturday, I participated in  a biathlon test race against the Finnish and some of the Swedish national biathlon team. It was a 11km long test race with four shootings where every missed target resulted in a 30 second time penalty. I have had a feeling  that I was in  great shape the last week, so I was excited to see how good I could performe.

I started really great and on the three first shootings I hit all targets. But in the last shooting I messed up and ended with only hitting two of the five targets. So I hit 17 out of 20 targets and ended with 1.30min in penalty time. Luckily I had a better speed on the track than I have ever had before, and I wasn`t the only one to miss some targets, so I ended up with winning the competition with 42 seconds.

This was the first test race that I have had this season with the competition of other biathletes so I am really happy to win this competition and it gave me a huge confidence boost that I will use to  keep me motivated when my body and mind is getting tired of all training.


More running competitions.


Yesterday I was tricked into run a 5km running competition. I was completely dead in my legs after the 6x10min running interval I did two days earlier, and I was a bit unsure about my shape since I had been sick some days the last week, but I finished in a good in my age group with the time 16.35min.


I haven’t run a 5km competition for almost ten years, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was with the leading group up to about 2,5km and then I had a little panic because I was really pushing it on the edge and I was doubting  my ability to finish the last part in the same speed. That meant I quickly lost about 50 meters to the leading group. Looking back I am disappointed that I wasn’t tough enough mentally to follow the group, because I kept almost the same distance all the way to the finish, and I know that it would be easier to keep a higher speed towards the end if I was with that group instead of running by myself. But I choose to learn from my mistakes and I wont do the same mistake again ;)

This heart rate graph shows that I was really pushing it the whole race.


My buddy Per Kristian Nygård won the competition with the time 15.43. He is a very good runner, so I have to train more so I can beet him next time. ;)


I was rockin my new clothes from oneway and sunglasses from spy optic, so if it was possible to get bonus points for best outfit I am sure I would get a whole minute off my time! :)