Tremendous progress

The summer training is really coming together and I have made some serious progress the last couple of weeks.

Last week I had a new Lactate / Vo2 max test and the same biathlon test race I had in Holmenkollen in the beginning of may. Both tests showed some really staggering improvements. In fact I had almost two minutes better race time on the 15km biathlon test race, which is even better than I could hope for!

Picture from the Vo2 Max test


Picture from the Holmenkollen test-race with my new onepiece race suit from One way!



I also had a roller ski interval up the Norefjell mountain which was a 6×10 minutes long, with my cross-country skier buddy  Per Kristian Nygård. We did the same interval last September and this time we had a much better time

We used a Gopro Hero 3 camera on the bonnet of the follow-car to record our technique.



Showing some strength on the top with a beautiful scenery.


The progress makes me even happier when I look back and know that at the same time last year I was jumping around on crutches for six weeks. That was after I went through a surgery were they removed a loose bone piece that they found in my knee.

Picture from the MRI that showed that I had a loose bone piece in my knee


And this is the piece that was floating around in my knee. No wonder I was in pain.


Picture from last summer, when almost all I could train was upper body strength. Now I am really looking forward to compete again, with a full summer of training with the sort of progress I have had now!




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