I am a Norwegian/Swedish biathlete that was born and raced in a little town called Åmot in Norway. After I graduated from the Norwegian top Athlete school in Geilo in 2006 I moved to Östersund in Sweden and have been living here ever since. My father is from Norway and my mother is from Sweden, so I have both a Norwegian and a Swedish passport. I have always been competing on behalf of Norway, but in 2012 i decided to change and are now competing on behalf of Sweden.

I am a athlete that are genuinely crazy about my sport and love all the god (and bad) biathlon has teached me throughout the years. I have a huge fascination about marketing and sponsorship work, and trough the years I have learned a lot of skills that are com handy in such kind of work. I am currently member of ”Herbalife 24 Biathlon team” that is the biggest biathlon team in scandinavia and I was a big part in the making of this team.


Name Christian Georg Bache
Date of birth 15.01.87
Civilstatus in a relationship
From Åmot
Current place of residence
Biathlon club Ramundberget ssk


Skies One Way
Boots Salomon
Poles One Way
Gloves One Way
Clothes One Way
Sunglasses Spy


“what doesn’t kill makes you stronger”

PPPPP - ”Proper preparation prevents Piss poor performance”