My thoughts about this webpage


As an athlete trying to make my way to the top in a sport that isn’t that big outside Europe, and that has limited media coverage for those of us that are not yet on a national team, this website, Facebook and other social media are the best way for me to reach out to people and share my journey,  and promote both me and my sponsors.

Before you read on, I would like to take the time to say ”thank you!”

By visiting sites like mine, sharing content on Facebook, following on Instagram, commenting on posts, etc,  you are supporting to making people like me reach our goals!

One of my major goals over the recent years was to compete at the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics. When I was not able to reach that goal – this time around – it forced me to reflect on the difficult big question of wether or not  I wanted to push on or if I should end my career as a professinal biathlete. After  thinking long and hard about this I came to the the conclusion that I feel strongly that I have not yet reached my full potential as an biathlete and that I am more motivated than ever to push on and make my way to the world top.

This is where this web comes in. I will use this site to share with you both the successes and setbacks of my journey. of making it to the the top of the biathlon circus.

Why do you write in English?

This is a question that has a tree part answer..

1. I want to challenge myself to improve my English by increasing my vocabulary

2., Since the biathlon sport is bigger by far in Germany and Russia than  in Sweden and Norway I don’t want to limit the reach of my website by just writing in Swedish or Norwegian. I want all visitors to be able to appreciate the content on my site. Since English is one of the most commonly used languagesacross the world, I hope to be able to widen my reach.  . I am planning to improve my German this year.But if you are from Russia I will kindly refer you to the language translation button on the main page for Google translation since my Russian language skill is next to non-existing and will most likely remain that way ;)

3. For obvious reasons my current readers are mostly from Norway and Sweden. I am a native Norwegian, and although I speak Swedish fluenty, I would spend just as much time editing my writing as I would if I wrote in English.. So therefore it feels more natural to use English on this homepage.

On this webpage you can navigate to for Swedish visitors, for Norwegian visitors and for international visitors. I will post updates about what happens in my life and I will share the behind the scenes view on how it is to live as an athlete managingthe day to day challenges, sponsor jobs, training,traveling and competing

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I hope you will swing by my site now and then, and if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.  You can always reach me by email at